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about us

About us


Our Vision:

  • To be a church that focuses on building spiritual growth so that Christians learn how to draw nearer to and experience the Lord.

  • The believers' lives are continually being renewed to be like the Lord, and through the renewed life they testify to proclaim Christ to the ends of the earth.

  • Christians live lives that are consistent with their beliefs and do not stop at activities, learning, and fellowship.

  • Focus on maintaining a close relationship with the Lord and with your family.

  • Serving Cantonese-speaking adults and English-speaking youth.

  • Make disciples of the Lord for the next generation.

our story:

  • Thanks to the grace of the Lord, Makarios Evangelical Church is a vision received from the Lord by a group of students who are taking a Spiritual Formation program in the seminary.

  • During the classes, they are guided to practice a deep, ongoing relationship with God and to practice living by the Holy Spirit. They experienced transformations in different areas of their lives and become closer to the Lord Jesus. They experienced deep inner satisfaction from a deeper and wider experience of God. This satisfaction positively affects their inner and outer lives, and allows them to continue to progress and deepen their life's journey guided by the Holy Spirit toward different milestones of changing their lives to become more like the Lord. They believe that if the church is a group of people who have a new identity as citizens of the kingdom of heaven and gather to learn a life pattern centered on pleasing God, then there is a lot of learning and transformation in the course that can be applied to the church. Build up believers. This model of the church is dedicated to the continuous building up of God-willed believers and groups of believers who express Christ through a close relationship with God and a God-willed renewal of personal life.


  • A group of believers who saw and received this vision, together with Dr. Timothy Ngai and his wife, led by God, started the first service of Makarios Evangelical Church on September 1, 2018.

Our Pastors:


Senior Pastor

Rev Jessica Lee, MDiv, CSD

Pastor Jessica is an experienced pastor of family ministry and caring ministry, an accredited spiritual teacher and a guest lecturer of Makarios Institute For Spiritual Formation. She has been pastoring couples of all ages in Hong Kong and North America for more than ten years, leading couples’ growth groups , giving workshops and seminars on Parenting, Critical Illness Caring, Spiritual Direction... and other experiences. At the beginning of 2018, Pastor Jessica, her husband and a group of brothers and sisters who share the same vision in Spiritual Formation, after many months of prayer and waiting, and after confirming the Lord's leading, established the Makarios Evangelical Church in September of the same year. .


English Ministry Pastor

Pastor Roy Yip, M.Min, BTh

Roy responded to the call of God at a young age, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to the service of God's kingdom. Over the past decade, he has primarily shepherded young believers, devoting himself to equipping them through biblical study, spiritual guidance, and preaching. Together, they have examined their lives, nurtured their spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being in Christ, and grown to follow Him faithfully.

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