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Ministry Activities

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Saturday Worship

Individuals who are continuously blessed by the Gospel and groups who experience God together and inspire each other to act in the goodness of God unite to offer one-hearted/unity worship and praise to God. The community accepts God's presence together and responds to our worship with His Word. In worshipping with unity in praise, we open our hearts to the Word of God to animate and reset/adjust the direction of our lives to carry more of the fullness that the Lord has promised.

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    MEC Gathering

    English Speaking gathering group for teens and students up to college age. We come together to worship as one, to know God, to embrace life abundance as promised by Jesus and to learn to grow as a God centered community.

      Kids Blowing Bubbles

      Children and Youth Ministry

      One of the channels of "inheritance" is to teach the Word of God. The "inheritance" of Ode to Life is the inheritance of faith in life. It is our vision for our next generation to know, see and live the life of God. In addition to letting children know the Bible, the teaching of Children's Sunday School also strives to help them master God's words and live them out. Therefore, in teaching, practice is one of the main elements. The Children's Ministry of Ode to Life is also committed to involving various family units to become a living space for children to know God, see God and live out God's Word.

      Inquiry: Pastor Jessica (604-446-2714)


        Bible Classes

        The group learns the knowledge of knowing God and faith together, and allows the knowledge to enter the learner's life and become a vehicle for deeper entry into the gospel life. The approach of the course is for those who desire to learn how to let the knowledge of the Bible and faith speak to our life, and how to let this knowledge change our life, to make life sincere and lively, like the Lord!

        Inquiry: Pastor Jessica (604-446-2714)

          Prayer Group

          Spiritual Formation Group

          A platform for many gospel lives to meet, share the struggles and breakthroughs of living out God's word, and how lives are blessed and transformed. Practice building up and encouraging each other in the group, and experience the various aspects of living out God's word together through walking together.

          Contact: Pastor Jessica (778-358-1444)


            Interactive Devotion

            A text platform where the Word of God takes the lead. After the participants receive the spiritual gift, they will praise the Lord by offering their response to the Lord in the platform. By communing with God and man through words, and experiencing spiritual union with God and man together. Witness with body, body, strength, and deeds how the life headed by God experiences God every day, and how God establishes a community that continuously glorifies Him with life and unity through community witnessing the truth of God.

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            New Immigrants Support 

            Friends of Immigrants is an outreach ministry of Ode to Life Christian Church, hoping to serve friends who are ready to move to Vancouver, providing them with resources and practical assistance before departure and/or after arrival. Ode to Life is willing to be a good helper in Canada for friends who immigrate to Canada, and is willing to provide information and assistance on living, school, work, government resources, etc. to those in need, and share the details and experience of living in Vancouver, so as to make Migrants are acquainted throughout the process, adjusting to their new life fluidly.

              Bible Study
              Praise Dance
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